CTS Schools:

Zach Whitson’s Counterpoint Tactical Systems

Ryer Martial Arts Academy

Springfield FMA

Haastyle Martial Arts Academy

Gem City Martial Arts

Atlanta Martial Arts Club

John Bahr’s Durham, NC Club

Bill Graves Gong Ka Martial Arts

Raleigh Tactical Martial Arts

Counterpoint Tactical System Videos:

Master Whitson’s YouTube Channel

STL Counterpoint’s YouTube Channel

Josh Ryer’s YouTube Channel

Springfield FMA YouTube Channel

HaastyleCTS YouTube Channel

Durham Tactical YouTube Channel

Martial Arts Supplies:

Training Knives

Nok Training Knives for sparring

Other Martial Arts Schools

Cacoy Doce Pares

Pekiti Tirsia International

St. Louis WOTBAG Balintawak – Close Range Filipino Martial Arts School  (STL Balintawak’s YouTube page)

Dynamic Edge Martial Arts – Kenpo School in Springfield, MO

St. Louis Garimot Arnis – Tim Rivera’s Filipino Martial Arts School


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