Martial Arts

We teach two Martial Art Systems:
1.) Counterpoint Tactical Systems

Counterpoint Tactical Systems, also known by the acronym CTS, is a weapon-based martial art designed by Master Zach Whitson. CTS is designed for street based self defense with a foundation of real world tactical counter offense. Many martial art systems have influenced CTS with the largest coming from traditional Filipino Martial Arts.

This description is from the CTS website:

Being an integrated martial art, CTS uses tactics from various arts based on multiple attackers, weapons, range or strategy to formulate a cohesive curriculum. As the range changes so does the combative tactics. Categories of training include weapons techniques such as single and double stick, knife, staff, gun, and the combination of stick and dagger; and empty hand techniques such as kicking, stomping, striking, punching, trapping, locking, throwing and ground fighting.

Highlights from 2008 CTS Iron Mountain Instructors Camp

2.) Cacoy Doce Pares

Cacoy Doce Pares is a Filipino Martial Arts system led by Grand Master Ciricao “Cacoy” Cañete. It is a weapon based art that focuses on close range stick fighting. STL Counterpoint practices the eskrima portion of Doce Pares.

Grand Master Cacoy and Master Zach Whitson Close Range Stick Sparring

Master Zach Whitson and Josh Ryer Conducting Close Range Stick Sparring

If any of the listed arts interest you, please contact us here.


Note: The above videos are from Master Zach Whitson’s Youtube page. The link to other videos from Master Whitson can be found here.


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