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SFMA Seminar Review: Part 02

After lunch, the Springfield FMA seminar taught by Master Zach Whitson covered one of the curriculum blocks from Counterpoint Tactical System first degree black belt. The morning session exposed us to segang lebo derived from Master Whitson’s background in Pekiti Tirsia Kali. The afternoon session covered Pekiti knife level one, which is a sak-sak versus … Continue reading

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Skill Development

Ryan is learning the first stand up grappling lock flow series in Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS). As part of teaching him, I’ve been researching whatever lock flows I can find on YouTube. The CTS locks are similar to those in a number of other systems; so, I watch those videos in addition to the CTS … Continue reading

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2014 Iron Mountain Curriculum: Part Three

For the 2014 Iron Mountain instructor’s camp, Master Zach Whitson covered qigong, Cacoy doce pares, kenpo technique, standup grappling level two, and double knife level one. Friday morning, we covered qigong and Cacoy doce pares, and on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, the kenpo technique was taught. On Saturday afternoon, Master Whitson taught a neck … Continue reading

Cacoy Doce Pares / CTS / Empty Hands / Iron Mountain Camp / Martial Arts / Pekiti Tirsia / Self Defense / Testing

2014 Iron Mountain: Overview

Home is where the heart is. If this old saying is true, then the home of Counterpoint Tactical System, for me, is in the hills of Tennessee. Iron Mountain Camp is at the heart of the CTS experience. I love my classes, seminars and private training with Master Zach Whitson, and it’s fantastic traveling to … Continue reading