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Best Podcast of the Year

People who know me are sick of hearing about the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). I listen to a number of podcasts, which vary from comedy to drama to educational to, of course, the martial arts. Other than articles, podcasts are the largest source of media that I consume. JRE is a show that I absolutely … Continue reading

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How Grappling Led Me to CTS

Filipino martial arts and Counterpoint Tactical System, in particular, are the martial arts that I’m most passionate about. Their approach to self-defense and training make the most sense to me. Master Zach Whitson has set up his system such that his teachings are simplified so that “it has to be so closely related to sparring … Continue reading

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A Martial Life Episode 19

A Martial Life is a YouTube series by Don Franks that recently featured an episode on the The Gathering, and a couple of familiar faces are featured in this episode. Mr. Franks is working on the ultimate black belt test, and it looks like A Martial Life is a documentary of his journey.     … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Work

I ended up on a forum this weekend by way of clicking links in interesting articles. The article I ended up reading said that witiks or abanikos, as they’re more commonly known, were tournament only techniques. This is a less harsh version of the phrase it doesn’t work. The witik is a fanning motion where … Continue reading

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Why Concepts Are Better Than Techniques in BJJ

Originally posted on Mountains to Mats:
Here’s a great article written by Kit Dale and posted at Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood. It’s worth a read. It fits right in to my BJJ progression. Source: “You’ll never be a World Class Black Belt as an Australian, living in Australia. It’s just not possible”. These were the…