Keep Going!

Keep Going!

Yesterday, at my day job, I was required to attend training. It was a frustrating experience. I usually enjoy the classes that my job requires I take. However, this time, a few individuals considered themselves as experts and decided to be argumentative all day. When they weren’t interacting with the instructor, they were talking over … Continue reading

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Best Podcast of the Year

People who know me are sick of hearing about the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). I listen to a number of podcasts, which vary from comedy to drama to educational to, of course, the martial arts. Other than articles, podcasts are the largest source of media that I consume. JRE is a show that I absolutely … Continue reading

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2015 Iron Mountain Camp: Day One

Counterpoint Tactical System students converged on the North Carolina – Virginia border for the annual Iron Mountain intensive instructor’s camp. Welcome to Day One. Iron Mountain serves two official purposes. The first is a weekend long seminar that transmits Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS) curriculum to a diverse skill set. From beginners to the highest student, … Continue reading