Keep Going!

Keep Going

Yesterday, at my day job, I was required to attend training. It was a frustrating experience. I usually enjoy the classes that my job requires I take. However, this time, a few individuals considered themselves as experts and decided to be argumentative all day. When they weren’t interacting with the instructor, they were talking over the instruction. I had to focus to hear. Eventually, I had to switch seats so that I could learn. At the end of the day, I complimented the instructor on how she handled the interruptions and somewhat combative individuals. She replied that all she thought was to keep going. That’s a great attitude to have. When faced with challenges, sometimes you just have to keep going. In your martial arts journey, you will face obstacles, set backs, challenges, plateaus, peaks, and valleys. You will have to face your own weakness. Just keep going. You’ll learn that you’re tougher than you think, that you can push a little farther, that you are capable of more than you believe. Just keep going. Just keep going.


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