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Footwork Friday: BJJ Scout’s Fourth Cruz Study

I’ve missed a few Footwork Fridays. Sorry. I’ve got my life back into a regular schedule but am still slowly returning to the blog. As the easing back into a full blogging schedule continues, this blog post will be a follow up to one that I’ve done earlier. BJJ Scout has done an excellent series on Dominick Cruz’s footwork, and after Ultimate Fight Night Boston, BJJ Scout did a postmortem on the Bantamweight championship fight. The bout itself is an excellent study in footwork and how to shut down dynamic footwork as well.

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Disclaimer: Footwork as I’ve learned it is from Counterpoint Tactical System as taught by Master Zach Whitson. Any errors or inconsistencies are mine. The spirit of this series is me studying footwork in more depth. I don’t claim to know everything, and I will make mistakes. But, again, those mistakes are mine. Also, this article is for reference only and should be used as a secondary source only.


As I’ve said before, Dominick Cruz was the first to bring a very dynamic, elusive style of movement to the mixed martial arts world. TJ Dillashaw also has very active footwork that won him his first title. So, to say I was looking forward to this fight is understatement. The championship match up delivered on all fronts, and it is worth studying.

The great BJJ Scout put out a video analyzing the fight, and it does justice to the main event. I am a fan of BJJ Scout’s videos. How can you not appreciate such attention to detail and an ability to translate actuality back into explainable theory? People like BJJ Scout, Jack Slack, Robin Black, Connor Ruebusch, and the MMAnalyst educate me on the mixed martial arts game. Their hard work makes the fights that much more enjoyable. When people ask how can I watch fighting, I usually point them to one of those authors. BJJ Scout has continued the tradition of excellence with this video that ends on a surprisingly touching note. Watch, enjoy, and subscribe.


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