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North Carolina Seminar

Well, the past three weeks have been awful. You might have noticed that I haven’t been able to update the blog for a while now. Some personal stuff came up, and my free time went away. I love this blog, and I’m glad to be back to it. I got a bit of martial arts in, and I’m grateful to all my training partners for their understanding and help. During stressful times, it’s great to get on the mat and not think about anything but improving. I also owe a big thanks to Steve DiCarlo of Team Kali for covering my classes when I couldn’t attend.

I don’t write articles ahead of time. It’s usually a few days before they are posted, and this little break has taught me that I need to have a few articles banked away for difficult times. I thought about reaching out for guest posts, but free time was usually spent sleeping or eating. Next time, I’ll be better prepared. So, thank you for sticking with me despite the interrupted posting schedule. And, as always, thank you for reading.

A quick reminder that Durham Tactical Martial Arts and Raleigh Tactical Martial Arts are hosting a seminar with Master Zach Whitson this coming weekend. It’s a one day event with both sessions focused around the knife. Click here to learn more.

I’ve known Ken Pratt of Raleigh Tactical Martial Arts and John Bahr of Durham Tactical Martial Arts for a couple years now, and they are fantastic gentlemen and skill martial artists. This is a good opportunity to train with both of them while learning knife skills from the founder of Counterpoint Tactical System. Click here to learn more.

The topic for the morning session is knife tactics, and the afternoon session is dedicated to CTS close quarter gun versus knife. For a preview of the afternoon session, see the video below. I’ve seen a little of the gun versus knife curriculum, and it’s fantastic. This curriculum combines a broad range of skills in a realistic fashion. Master Whitson has designed the curriculum with defense in mind to keep the CTS student as safe as possible. I highly recommend this opportunity if you’re in the area. Click here to learn more.


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