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Footwork Friday: Single Leg Takedown

As part of Counterpoint Tactical System, we learn stand up grappling as well. Ryan is working his takedowns for stand up grappling level 01, and I’m studying stand up grappling level 02. As a curiosity, I typed Wrestling Footwork into YouTube, and a number of very interesting videos. One video caught my interest because the footwork looks similar to Filipino martial arts footwork. So, today, we depart from the usual FMA based footwork to look at how wrestling teaches footwork into the single leg takedown

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Disclaimer: The footwork discussed below is from Counterpoint Tactical System as I’ve learned it from Master Zach Whitson. Any errors or inconsistencies are mine. The spirit of this series is me studying footwork in more depth. I don’t claim to know everything, and I will make mistakes. But, again, those mistakes are mine. Also, this article is for reference only and should be used as a secondary source only. Please, see a Filipino martial arts instructor if you wish to accurately learn these techniques.


First, let’s watch the wrestling instructional video.

The first part of the footwork looks a wide reverse triangle to me. The instructor is using it to get to the outside of the opponent.

Reverse Triangle Start

In this video, you can see more of a connection to the reverse triangle in the set up of the outside single.

Now, you could easily say that this isn’t Filipino footwork, and I’d agree. That’s wrestling footwork, but a small adjustment to our FMA footwork and our targeting gives us wrestling footwork. This is the beauty of CTS and other FMAs; the techniques aren’t specialized. The FMAs are universal because they are based on concepts. Conceptual knowledge will take a martial artist much farther than technical knowledge. When you pay attention to concepts, you start to see them in other arts as well.


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