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Footwork Friday: Warm Up First

It’s cold here in Missouri right now, which means that our muscles are tight, and the chance of injury is higher. Before stretching, it’s important to warm the muscles up and get them pliable. Today, we’re going to look at one routine that I like to use. Let’s get moving!

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Disclaimer: The footwork discussed below is from Counterpoint Tactical System as I’ve learned it from Master Zach Whitson. Any errors or inconsistencies are mine. The spirit of this series is me studying footwork in more depth. I don’t claim to know everything, and I will make mistakes. But, again, those mistakes are mine. Also, this article is for reference only and should be used as a secondary source only. Please, see a Filipino martial arts instructor if you wish to accurately learn these techniques.


As part of my personal practice, I have three warm ups that focus on getting the legs moving. The following exercises make up a routine that I call Warm Up A. It’s five movements should be done at 40% – 60% intensity. Depending on how I’m feeling that day, I might start slow and build up to a medium intensity. Other times, I’m right there at 60% from the start. Each component is listed in the order performed during the sequence.

Jumping Jacks

As a general warm up, jumping jacks are just a way to get the blood moving. Do ten to twenty repetitions.

Jumping Jacks to start the warm up. #STLCounterpoint

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High Knees

Next is high knees. Bring your knees up as high as possible in a jog. If possible, your aim is to bring your knees up into your chest. This is warming up your quadriceps and hamstrings. Do ten repetitions.

High knees is the second part of the warm up. #STLCounterpoint

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Butt Kickers

Follow high knees with butt kickers. Bring your heels to your butt. While performing this exercise, don’t move your thighs. Your knees should stay in the same position throughout the exercise. This, also, warms up your quadriceps and hamstrings. Do ten repetitions.

Butt kickers! #STLCounterpoint

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Reverse Triangle

Next comes the footwork most often discussed during Footwork Friday, the reverse triangle. Do this for five repetitions.

Basic Reverse Triangle

Forward Triangle

Finally, the complementary footwork to reverse triangle is the forward triangle. Finish up with five of these.

Forward Triangle

Final part of the warm up: forward and reverse triangle. #STLCounterpoint

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Put It All Together

Put these exercises together into a warm up. If you have the time, do two to three sets of the full sequence. You should be warmed up to do some dynamic stretching, and it’s time to get to work.


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