FMA Informative / Footwork Friday

Footwork Friday in FMA Informative

Footwork Friday is featured in FMA Informative. I’ve worked with the FMA Informative a couple times on Iron Mountain posts, and this is my first non-Iron Mountain issue. Steven Dowd does great work, and the FMA Informative showcases the diversity of the Filipino martial arts. Eventually, I’ll get a What I Read post about this resource. Check it out to discover more about the Filipino arts.

FMA Informative – Issue 212 – Footwork Fundamentals
-Reverse Triangle
-Forward Triangle
-Triangle Variations
-Side Step
-Ranging Drill
-Ranging Variation
-Step Drag
-Drag Step
-Step Drag Shadow
-Move Up the Circle
-Footwork Friday: Training Clusters
— Angular Footwork
— Side Step
— Ranging Footwork Drill
— Linear Footwork
— Circular Footwork


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