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Lessons from Episode 1

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I did it. I started creating YouTube videos. Episode one of my vlog, which I’m calling Counter and Recounter, is live on YouTube. Boy did I learn a lot from just this one video. Videos and podcasting are much harder than writing a blog; so, I’m very impressed by those of you who do either. I definitely learned some things that will be incorporated into episode 2.

Sensei Ando took some time to give me some advice. Ando has an interesting podcast that’s worth checking out, and I like it. So, I asked him for some advice, and he gave me gold. Unfortunately, I couldn’t implement any of it into that episode, but his words of wisdom will be in episode 2. The main thing is to get a good microphone. For this video, I used my phone’s camera to film and recorded the sound on the phone’s built in microphone. We’ll get to the filming in a minute; let’s discuss the microphone first. The phone is designed to pull in all sound around you; it doesn’t distinguish between you and your surroundings. So, my voice isn’t as focused as it should be, and you can hear some ambient noise in the background. I did some research and ordered a microphone as Ando recommended. I’m looking forward to playing around with it to get a better quality sound. Help me thank Sensei Ando by checking out his podcast.


My lovely wife was the camera person for this episode, and she held my phone like a champ through the long filming. Unfortunately, this caused a little bit of movement; so, for episode two, I need to get her a stand or a tripod. Something so that she doesn’t have to hold it. She did a great job, but I owe it to her to make it easier next time. Also, the lighting wasn’t the best. I thought I had a good spot, but we didn’t shoot enough of a test reel to see the lighting issues. I move my head around a lot more than I thought I would, and since I’m not regularly on camera, I didn’t know I had those habits. I plan to bring in more lights, and hopefully that will help the problem. As I get more and more comfortable on camera, my tics won’t be as noticeable either.


Creating the graphic at the end was my favorite part of the whole process. It took a while to figure out how to make it, which led me to increase my PowerPoint skills. I have a couple graphics programs that I work with, but I like to assemble everything in MS PowerPoint before creating the actual graphic. I will be doing the end graphic again, but the size was very large for this video. To that end, I found another video editor, Lightworks, that I’m going to try for episode 2. It’s a free editor that is very powerful with a steep learning curve. But you can put together some fantastic videos in it.

VLogo Logo 02

Those are the ones that I’m focusing on for now. So, why upload the video to YouTube knowing that I had a lot to learn? Well, we have to start somewhere. My goal was to start creating a show, and that’s what I did. The perfectionist in me always finds fault with my efforts, but if I listened to that side of me, I’d never get anything done. I’d be tweaking and tweaking and tweaking and never finish. I think I did a good job for episode 1, and I think episode 2 will be much, much better. There is a lot of potential here, and I have a number of ideas that I’d like to institute. YouTube videos have so much potential for creativity; I have to increase my skill. As with anything it’s practice, practice, practice, practice.


Please, let me know in the comments what you think. Any advice for a first time vlogger?


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