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The Footwork of Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz changed the footwork of mixed martial arts. Before he came into his own, no one had the dynamic style that he continues to display. Yesterday, I watched two great breakdowns of Dominick Cruz’s footwork. Both Shane Fazen and BJJ Scout make his complex footwork easily understandable and show how Cruz utilizes advanced footwork in his fighting strategy. As part of my personal training, I’m reviewing the basics of footwork in my Footwork Friday posts. It’s given me a renewed appreciation of just the basics, makes both breakdowns even more of a joy to watch because they display the masterful advanced technique of Cruz in terms even I can understand. Fazen and BJJ Scout are at the top of their game by showing how Cruz’s seemingly erratic movements are actually planned with a high level of strategic purpose. Seeing these two videos has renewed my appreciation of Cruz and make me think that he’s got one of – if not the – highest fight IQ’s in the game.

The first video comes from Shane Fazen, and his explanations are easy to follow while matching well with the on-screen movements. When it comes to precise footwork, the devil is in the details. Mr. Fazen digs into those details for us by illustrating his own movements. Without a doubt, worth a watch if you’re a fan of footwork. Like and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more quality videos like this.

BJJ Scout released part two of the Cruz footwork study. In this analysis, BJJ Scout mixes the technical with the historical to show how Cruz is a student of the fight game. Clearly, he’s well versed in boxing footwork and has adapted it well to MMA. BJJ Scout makes those links for us in a way that deepens our appreciation of Cruz’s strategy. Like and subscribe to BJJ Scout for more quality breakdowns. If you missed part one, watch it here.

As I write more of these blog posts, I’m learning just how difficult it is to take a complex subject and break it down into understandable concepts. These analysts make it look easy, and the scary part is that their breakdowns get better with each video. With analysis like this, MMA fans can appreciate even more the work of art that Cruz makes in the cage. If you follow mixed martial arts, these two channels are worthy supplements to your own training. Two great analysts provide for us a method to Cruz’s madness.


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