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2015 Exam Slide Shows

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Every year at Iron Mountain camp, Master Zach Whitson conducts rank testing, and camp is the only location to test for the black belt ranks. This year for the first time, a fourth degree black belt exam was conducted, and the first wave of third degree candidates stood for the third exam. Here’s two slide shows from the Counterpoint Tactical System 2015 Iron Mountain camp.

First up is Josh Ryer of Ryer Martial Arts Academy testing for fourth degree black belt.

Next is Brian Brown of Atlanta Martial Arts Club, Kevin Lee Wagner of Gem City Martial Arts, Russ Haas of Haastyle Martial Arts, David Curet and Joel Daugherty of Ryer Martial Arts Academy testing for third degree black belt.

High level, skilled practitioners, all of them. These tests are great to watch because Master Zach Whitson will call out the technique, and they will do it. Rarely, another showing of the technique is needed. At this stage of their training, if Master Whitson asks them to repeat a move, it’s out of appreciation for how well it’s done. Congrats, fellas! Keep up the good work.

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