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A Martial Life Episode 19

A Martial Life is a YouTube series by Don Franks that recently featured an episode on the The Gathering, and a couple of familiar faces are featured in this episode. Mr. Franks is working on the ultimate black belt test, and it looks like A Martial Life is a documentary of his journey.



Hosted by the Martial Arts Collective Society, the Gathering is one of those great martial arts events where practitioners from varied backgrounds come together to celebrate the arts. The goal of the Gathering in their own words is, “…focused on exposing the students to many styles of the martial arts in order to promote unity.” Master Zach Whitson regularly attends the Gathering. This year, Don Franks caught up with Master Whitson and Josh Ryer of Ryer Martial Arts Academy. Check out this episode as Master Whitson demonstrates his Counterpoint Tactical System, and when you’re done, be sure to watch episodes one through eighteen. This series is worth keeping your eye on.


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