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What I Read: The Stick Chick

Jackie Bradbury, a.k.a The Stick Chick, is a Modern Arnis blogger out of Texas. There are a number of reasons to read Jackie. She’s a good writer that mixes in pop culture and sci fi references in her blogs. She’s entertaining and unafraid to put her personal journey up for everyone to see. But I follow her because you never know what she’s writing about. She’ll cover anything from seminars to teaching to kobudo to technique, and they’re all interesting entries. The variety that makes up her blog impresses me. Jackie, also, works hard on social media to promote FMA blogs, and she has even helped yours truly out a few times with a retweet or link. Hers is one of the few blogs that I follow regularly.

Her recent thoughts on why the Filipino martial arts aren’t more popular is worth the read for any FMA practitioner. I agree with her assessment, and rather than just point out the problem, Jackie also puts forth solutions.

She teaches the arts as well, and her thoughts on teaching are worth reading.

My favorite of her writings is the THAT GUY series. Awesome, funny stuff. If you ignore all my other suggestions, check out these posts.

Follow the Stick Chick on twitter for updates and check out her blog.


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