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2015 IMC: Images

The 2015 Iron Mountain Intensive Instructor’s camp has come and gone. The Counterpoint Tactical System family gathered together at the Laurel Ridge Conference Center to train and test. Master Zach Whitson switched the annual gathering to northern North Carolina this time, and I hope this is location for the future. It was another great camp full of knowledge, fun, friendship, and testing. This year was tinged by a little sadness, and our hearts and parayers are with you. I often say that Iron Mountain is the heart of Counterpoint Tactical System, and this year confirmed it more than most. At the close of camp, Master Whitson described it perfectly as a chosen family. We chose to be together and to be part of each others lives. It’s humbling to be a member of that chosen family.

I am in the process of drafting my annual after action report. But until then, enjoy these photos and videos from this year’s camp.



Josh Ryer of Ryer Martial Arts Academy during his fourth degree black belt test.


The third degree black belt candidates are showing their staff curriculum during their exam.

Durham Tactical Martial Arts took this video of David Curet from Ryer Martial Arts Academy and Russ Haas of Haastyle Martial Arts engaging in some knife sparring.

The new third degree black belts!


Durham Tactical Martial Arts posted this video of me sparring with Adam Furlough of Gem City Martial Arts. It was great fun sparring with Adam. He knocked the knife out of my hand twice. I’m looking forward to reviewing this video and others to see where I need work. Thanks, Adam!


Here’s a photo of the 2015 Counterpoint Tactical System first degree black belt class with Master Zach Whitson. I had the best time working with these gentlemen.


Here’s photo of everyone that tested for rank at the 2015 Iron Mountain camp. Congrats to everyone on their performance whether passing or not.


Josh Ryer is one of the hardest working members of the Counterpoint Tactical System family. I have yet to hear anything but encouragement and support out of this man. I’m proud to call him friend. Josh continually gives of his time and knowledge. Thank you Josh for all of your help.


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