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Footwork Friday: Drag Step

It’s Friday again, and it’s time for more footwork. We have looked at the Step Drag linear footwork, and now it’s time to look at the complementary footwork. If we can step drag, we have to be able to drag step.


Disclaimer: The footwork discussed below is from Counterpoint Tactical System as I’ve learned it from Master Zach Whitson. Any errors or inconsistencies are mine. The spirit of this series is me studying footwork in more depth. I don’t claim to know everything, and I will make mistakes. But, again, those mistakes are mine. Also, this article is for reference only and should be used as a secondary source only. Please, see a Filipino martial arts instructor if you wish to really and accurately learn these techniques.

Drag Step Shuffle 01

Drag step is just the reverse of step drag. The foot farthest from the direction that you want to travel is the first foot you move. For example, if you want to step forward, you drag the back foot up to the front foot. If you wish to move backwards, you drag the front foot back to the rear foot. When your feet are close together, that is when you step. As with all footwork, what we can do forward, we have to do backwards and side-to-side.

Drag Step 01

We show this footwork slowly at first. In use, it’s much faster. I like this footwork to throw front kicks. So that I drag up and the step happens after the kick. In my experience, students feel awkward with this footwork. I recommend playing with it during sparring to find where it’s useful for you. Remember sparring is not about winning, it’s about learning. To be well rounded, it’s important to have these skills even if you never use them. We should understand how our bodies move as martial artists.

Drag Step 02

The step drag shadow drill can be modified with this footwork. In fact, I recommend trying it. This drill improves your reaction times and your ability to adapt.


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