Don’t Speak Ill of Others

Fantastic article. This is a great quote that applies to life. I love seeing these reminders that martial arts are applicable to all aspects of life.

The Way of Ryer

“Do not speak ill of others, no matter what, otherwise you will be like the old Chinese saying, ‘You can see the faults of others quite clearly, but cannot see the dirt on the back of your own neck.’” ~ Grandmaster T.T. Liang

T-T-LiangThe above quote is from a book I just finished entitled, Steal My Art: The Life and Times of T’ai Chi Master T.T. Liang. It was a wonderful read and I hope to write a review of the book in a future post. This quote has stuck out this week as I’ve been on my way. First I will admit that I am guilty of speaking ill of others. By writing about it, I feel it helps me work through my thoughts as well as make a statement of how I hope to handle situations in the future.

I don’t feel I’m one to speak ill…

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