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Tuhon McGrath on Knife Tapping

It has been a busy week, and I fell behind on my writing. I introduced Counterpoint Tactical System’s empty hand versus knife level one this week to some of the advanced students. Knife tapping is a lot of fun, but it can be difficult to understand at first. The physical aspects of it are easy to teach, and they require a lot of practice like anything else. It’s the why that has hung up some of my students. To discuss the why, I draw on three primary sources. First, I build the lesson out of everything that Master Zach Whitson has taught me. Next, I look to my experiences learning and teaching this. I find it helps to point out where common obstacles are. Finally, I review the videos below. Master Whitson built empty hands versus knife out of the material he learned from Tuhon Bill McGrath. So, it makes sense to listen to what Tuhon McGrath has to say as well. I’ve learned a lot watching this series, and I recommend them to my students.


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