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What I Read: Laura Castonguay’s Blog

Part of my goals for this year is to highlight the blogs that I read regularly. As the weeks go by, I will post up links to blogs that I read regularly and examples of why I keep coming back to those blogs. For the first entry, I didn’t stray too far from the Counterpoint Tactical System family. The Ryer Martial Arts Academy in Pittsburgh hosts Laura Castonguay’s blog. It is just getting started, which means entries are few, but it’s worth checking out. Each article is relatively short while leaving you with an idea to ponder.

Out of curiosity, I looked up “bane of my existence” on my computer thesaurus. I almost laughed out loud. Bane also meant: scourge, plague, curse, blight, pest, nuisance, headache, nightmare, cross to bear, burden, thorn in one’s flesh/side, bitter pill, affliction, misery, woe, tribulation, misfortune.

The above quote is from Our Thoughts Create Our World. It’s a blog post about changing your perspective, and it’s a philosophy that is under used in my opinion.

[…] I found out I hadn’t gotten a much needed job. Really concerned about the future, I spent the whole day mulling over my predicament. By midafternoon, I was nearly in tears, exhausted from worrying and, of course, still stressed. My mind flitted to the martial arts class I had that night, and while I had been excited for it all week, I was suddenly less than enthused. I’m just too tired and stressed to go, I thought.

This quote is out of one of my favorites Just Go. If you need motivation to work out, this is your read.

And, finally, the blog post that really kicked everything off. It’s one that I recommend to any person thinking about starting a martial art or fitness program. Finding the Courage to Get Started, or Fighting Fear is one person’s account of taking that first step. Changing course in life is often necessary, and I think we should celebrate those who find the courage to do so.

But when a month went by and I still hadn’t signed up, my friend called me out on it. I was irrational and exploded. Who was he to tell me what I should do? I was busy. I would do it when I had more free time. The offer wasn’t going anywhere. Except I wasn’t all that busy.

Laura has written many articles for the Ryer Martial Arts Academy blog. Please, check it out.


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