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Repost: Guru Mike Casto – Why Train?

Why train martial arts? This question is usually asked with genuine interest, but every now and then, it’s asked with incredulity. Why train martial arts when all you need is a gun? Or why train martial arts if you’re not a fighter? Guru Mike Casto of Anjing Gembala Pencak Silat provides an excellent answer.

Ultimately, we train to deal with threats we can deal with. […] Keeping a level head and not escalating the situation might help a lot, though, and training can help in that regard. The bottom line is, we train for situations we can deal with. If we encounter a situation outside of that then we’re on equal footing with people who are untrained. That’s no reason not to train though.

The above quote is just one of the gems in the piece. Please, check out the rest of Guro Casto’s blog post. You won’t be disappointed.


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