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Josh Ryer on What Makes an Effective Art

Josh Ryer, head instructor at Ryer Martial Arts Academy, has tackled a hard problem in his latest blog. I agree with his approach and think it’s worth a read. The following is a portion of the article. Go to his website and read it. It’s worth your time. Well done, Josh.

An effective martial arts system should produce practitioners that possess the skills to protect themselves and their loved ones in every phase of civilian armed and unarmed self-defense.

As a practitioner for over twenty years, I’ve been asked many times what I believe is the most effective martial arts system. First you should understand what your martial arts system was intended for; i.e. sport, tradition or self-defense. While some martial arts systems are effective in a controlled environment or intended to respect the conditions of the past, I define an effective martial arts system as one that lives in today’s world against today’s threats. Some martial arts systems have changed originally being designed for self defense, but morphing into a sport. Be sure to get a firsthand look at the way the martial art system is presented and a school’s approach to the training. Here are four general guidelines that have helped me determine what makes an effective martial arts system.

The rest of the article is found on the Ryer Martial Arts Academy website.


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