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Still Processing

2014 Iron Mountain camp has come and gone. It was a huge success. Master Zach Whitson put on another quality and fun event. I am still processing all I learned, all the stories I heard, all the fun I had. So, my usual end of camp write up is going to be delayed at least a week. I learned so much this camp during and between training sessions. I’m still sorting through it all. Here are some teaser photographs of the weekend.

Friday Morning

Friday morning, we started off with qigong as we always do. After the warmup, we went straight into Cacoy Doce Pares.
Friday - Qigong 02a

Friday Afternoon

On Friday afternoon, we covered Kenpo techniques that Master Whitson built the Kenpo Counterpoint One drills from.
Friday - Kenpo 01

Saturday Scenery

Friday night, it snowed – not enough to bury us, just enough to make the surrounding trees beautiful.

Saturday - Scenery 03a

Saturday - Scenery 02a

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning, we finished up the Kenpo techniques that we missed the previous afternoon.

Saturday - Kenpo 01

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon, Master Whitson taught from the standup grappling level two curriculum.
Saturday - Grappling 01

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning was the double sak-sak knife versus double sak-sak knife. This was mind blowing and a good look at where we’re headed as martial artists.
Sunday - Double Knife 01

Sunday - Double Knife 02

Sunday Goodbye

The worst part of camp is saying goodbye.

Ms. Dian is the hardest working person at camp. Her efforts ensure that everything goes smoothly. She also happens to be a phenomenal cook. I know everyone at camp appreciates all her efforts.
Sunday - Leaving 01

Sunday - Leaving 02

Weekend Slide Show

Carl Carey took photos all weekend long, and he put together the slide show below. He did a fantastic job. This will show more pictures from the camp. Such good memories in here.


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