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Workout Motivation

I love this graphic. I also love Onnit, which is where I found this particular inspiration. (In fact, I love them enough to give them free advertising. Although, if they wanted to send me free stuff, I’d review the crap out of it. Anybody listening? No?) The saying is geared towards our competitive nature, and it works. It also reminds me of the people I meet that want martial arts and/or self defense skills but balk at the work it takes to attain those skills.

Black belt

There are no shortcuts. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. When you work hard for martial arts skills, you will feel pride in your accomplishments. I have been through it, and I’ve seen it over and over. It is fantastic to watch someone struggle and succeed. Nothing motivates me to work hard than watching my training partners struggle and succeed.

So, if you want that knowledge, if you want those skills, find an instructor and start your journey today. Practice. Then, DON’T QUIT. You can do it. I believe in you.

Thanks to Wikicommons for the white and black belt graphics. When searching for the black belt quote, the only attribution was anonymous. If anyone knows of the original source, please, leave it in the comments.


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