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News and Reviews

Good news, everybody. Our friends down in Springfield, MO at Springfield FMA have started a blog!  Check it out if you have a chance. Mike Miller will provide insight into Counterpoint Tactical System and the way that he understands it. Mike is one of my instructors and is a knowledgeable martial artist. I’m looking forward to reading what he has to say. Springfield FMA’s Blog

More good news, everybody! STL Counterpoint has received some reviews on our Facebook page. I appreciate the time and effort that are put into these reviews. As the club grows, hopefully, we will get more reviews. Here’s some quotes from those reviews:

“Saint Louis Counterpoint teaches quality material with no ego.” – Alec Helwig

“First, a word on the system – the methods, techniques, and philosophies conveyed from Mr. Whitson are malleable enough to contour to the ever-evolving realities of a street fight…” – Joe Elmore

“Through highly dynamic drills CTS makes a highly conceptualized theory of motion mechanical and instinctual…” – Alejandro Akrouh

I appreciate the reviews and the complements on my teaching. Read the full reviews on STL Counterpoint’s Facebook page.

Team Kali got a good review for it’s burgeoning Counterpoint Tactical Teens program.

“My son absolutely loves training with Team Kali. Eric is so patient, and such a wonderful instructor my son cannot wait for Wednesday to get here.” – Monique Caravaggi

What a fantastic review. Read the full review on Team Kali’s Facebook page.

Finally, Iron Mountain is on the horizon. I’m looking forward to seeing my extended CTS family. Iron Mountain is a phenomenal time. You can read about my 2012 (Part One, Two, and Three) and 2013 (Part One, Two, and Three) experiences. Once again, I will be taking notes and pictures for an after action report. Coming Soon!


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