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2014 Springfield, MO Seminar

My friends and Counterpoint Tactical System family in Springfield, MO are hosting a seminar with CTS founder Zach Whitson. I cannot wait for this seminar. Springfield FMA is the closest CTS club to me, and they have supported my efforts to establish a club here in St. Louis. The St. Louis group has supported Springfield FMA in each of their seminars. I’ve been to everyone where they hosted Master Whitson. SFMA has been to every seminar where I’ve hosted Master Whitson. We have a close working relationship for clubs that are three hours away from each other. It has been fun to watch the club evolve and find success.

Springfield FMA Seminar 2014This upcoming seminar will be a lot of fun because I will get to see my friend, Alec test for second class brown belt. Alec is a talented martial artist, who – while being experienced and talented in other arts – put aside his ego and began anew in CTS. That is rare and appreciated. It will be fun to watch the test and even more fun to spar with him in the largo material. Even though I don’t see the SFMA students on a regular basis, I enjoy watching their progression. Seeing people accomplish their goals inspires me further towards mine. I plan to test for my first class brown belt at this seminar. Usually I test at Iron Mountain Camp, but since camp and this seminar switched positions this year, I’ll be testing at the seminar to keep on track for my goal of testing for first degree black belt in Counterpoint Tactical System in 2015.

The topics for the seminar are long range stick fighting and Filipino empty hand tactics. Master Whitson is an excellent instructor. He has a knack for presenting material so that new students and those that have been around for a while each learn new material. Largo stick fighting is just plain fun. It builds upon the single stick 12 attacks of blue belt and the single stick defensive tactics of green belt to provide a comprehensive and sophisticated long range game. The Panantukan tactics are empty hand striking concepts that are present throughout the entire Counterpoint Tactical System.

I’m looking forward to another great seminar with friends.


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