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Red Belt

Ryan, Z, and me 01At the 2nd Annual STL Counterpoint Seminar, Ryan passed his red belt test in Counterpoint Tactical System. Red Belt covers Double Stick Conditioning, 12 disarms, and Lihok ni Cacoy (movement of Cacoy). Ryan did an excellent job. I heard two notes from Grandmaster Zach Whitson during the whole test, one of which was, “Give me a right lead.” Thank you to Alec Helwig of Springfield FMA for partnering with Ryan during the test. Alec is currently working on his 2nd class brown belt and is very skilled at the red belt curriculum.

I am proud of Ryan to say the least.  Grandmaster Whitson says that the test should be simply showing what you’ve learned. Ryan did just that. He looked like he was having fun during the test – something I’m still working on myself. I think I was more nervous than him. His hours of study and practice showed. It was more of a demonstration than a test, which means that he did it correctly. STL Counterpoint is growing with new students who watched the test. Ryan showed them how to take a belt test, and it was the best example that I could have hoped for. He set the bar high, and with his help, other students will be able to achieve the same results. This was without a doubt Ryan’s best test so far. He’s also set the bar high for himself on his next test. I have no doubt he will surpass his performance on the next test. Congratulations Ryan.

As the club continues to grow, I hope to put up more of these congratulations postings. Ryan and I are working with a great group of students, and I look forward to recognizing them for their efforts.


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