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Delayed Seminar Report

The seminar concluded this past weekend, and it surpassed my expectations. I planned to write a blog post about it, include some photos and videos. However, technology has once again thwarted my intentions. I’m having trouble with some of the videos that I want to post. I will be able to fix it but not today.

I’m grateful to all those who could attend. A huge thanks to Mike Miller and the gang from Springfield FMA for their support. The support and friendship that we receive from SFMA allows us to continue to grow in the St. Louis area. Thanks to my friends from Kansas and Arkansas who traveled to support us. As their schools grow, STL Counterpoint will support them. Thank you to the STL Counterpoint students who could make it. I appreciate your efforts, and it was a great chance to see what Counterpoint Tactical Systems is about as an art and an organization.

Thank you to Grandmaster Zach Whitson for his teachings and continued guidance. I’ve been writing notes like crazy all week hoping to hang onto everything I learned.

Last but never least, thank you to Guro Joe, Guro Jeff, and Apex Training Center for allowing us the use of their school. I appreciate it, and I look forward to working more with Apex in the future. Apex will be bringing martial arts legend Guro Dan Inosanto into St. Louis for seminar this summer. I’m trying to schedule my travel so that I can attend the seminar. If you’re interested, click the picture below to learn more and to register.


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