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Jon Jones Uses FMA Tactics

With the seminar coming up this weekend, I haven’t had time to write something for this space. So I recommend you read this article “Jon Jones versus Glover Teixeira: Defanging the Snake” on Vice.com about Jon Jones masterful performance against Glover Teixeira. It is a great breakdown of the fight. The article compares Jones’ tactics to those from the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and from other Southeast Asian (SEA) Martial Arts . Jon Jones, whether consciously or not, employs a number of strategies from these arts. He has truly transcended styles to become his own fighter.

Mixed Martial Arts has for a long time been a very narrow ‘mix’ of martial arts: boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, Judo, and Jiu Jitsu. These are combat martial arts that are easily adapted to MMA because they are combat that has already adapted to rules. FMA and SEA martial arts have long been focused on self defense and, therefore, rely on techniques that are illegal in competition. (Though dirty fighters like Jon Jones continue to get away with them.)

In Counterpoint Tactical System, we learn and employ similar tactics throughout the system. When I have more time, I will write about Jon Jones. He’s one of my favorite fighters for his creativity. I hate that he employs eye pokes, and each match that he continues to use them makes me like him less. But his ability to gut it out and to bring creativity into the cage is undeniable.

Come out this Saturday to Apex Training Center and learn how to defang the snake. (A gratuitous seminar plug had to happen.)


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