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Commenting and Freedom of Speech

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

Thank you for viewing my little blog. I appreciate all who stop by for a look.

You are probably wondering why your comment isn’t visible on the website. You were polite, respectful, and wrote with good grammar. You were not trolling, and I do believe that your comment was sincere. For a political comment on the internet, yours was surprisingly polite.

While all of this is true, your comment was not on topic for this blog. I’ve tried to make this blog about the martial arts – specifically Counterpoint Tactical System, being a CTS club leader, nutrition, fitness, and my journey learning about all of this. Politics are not welcome here. Even the politics that are inside martial arts are not welcome here. Comments about training, about what I wrote, about other martial arts are welcome. Comments that disagree with me in a non-trolling way are welcome. Comments correcting me are welcome, and comments telling me to do more research are welcome. Trolling will be deleted. All comments about politics – no matter how well thought out, how cogent, how well written – will be deleted. Even when I agree with those comments, they will still be deleted. Snap2

To be fair, I should probably define what I mean by politics. Dealing with laws as they are currently enacted is acceptable for discussion. Comments, which  discuss whether a law/policy should or shouldn’t be, is not acceptable here. To use an innocuous example, it is currently legal for individuals 21 years of age and older to consume alcohol in the state of Missouri. Discussion of how this law impacts martial arts, self defense, nutrition, health, etc. is what I would like to see in my comments. Saying that the law is unjust, is unfair to teenagers, is not strict enough is an example of a political comment, granted it’s a silly example. This blog is not a forum for those types of discussions.

I have my own politics, and my students, training partners, teacher, those senior in the arts to me, all have their own politics. And guess what? None of us agree 100%. Some of us are polar opposites on the political spectrum. However, we leave all that outside the training space. The focus is on learning and acquiring new skills when it is time for CTS. Since this blog is a reflection of my journey in CTS, I want it to reflect the focus of my training. Therefore, politics is for personal interaction only.

So, this is why you do not see your comment published. I don’t know your response, but based on other discussions that I have seen on the internet, I need to address one issue – FREE SPEECH! By deleting your comment, am I not trampling your free speech rights? No. As a primer, please, see this XKCD comic. It does a better job conveying what I mean in fewer words. (Also, you can and should go to the website by clicking the picture. Let your mouse hover over the comic for even more commentary.)

I don’t think you’re an asshole; that part of the comic goes to the more vociferous, misguided defenders of free speech. I also need to expand on what the comic says. This blog is not the federal government persecuting you for what has been written here. I am in no way stopping you from saying/writing those comments anywhere else. Everyone is free to get a blog and write what they want. Go to and write down those exact thoughts. Get them out into the world. A blog about the martial arts and politics could be wildly successful; I know I would read it if it was quality work. STL Counterpoint is just not that blog. By deleting political comments, I am not infringing upon anyone’s freedom of speech. I am just not providing a platform for comments peripheral to the focus of this website. There are other and more widely read platforms out there for you, and you are still free to comment, write, argue, and politicize all you want there.

Thank you for reading the blog, and thank you for commenting. Based on this comment, I need to write up commenting guidelines and post for all to see. If you disagree with me or think that I’ve already discussed politics in the blog, please, leave a comment or e-mail me here.

Finally and once again, thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will come back, and I hope you will contribute more to the martial arts discussion.


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