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CTS Virtual Tour: Durham Tactical Martial Arts

For our next stop on the Counterpoint Tactical System virtual tour, we’re visiting Durham, North Carolina. We’ve been to Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Springfield, MO so far.

The School

Durham Tactical’s goals are to develop martial artists as people and as leaders. The benefit of this development is that the students “have confidence if they ever have to protect their loved ones,” according to the club leader, John Bahr.  Daryl is a student at Durham Tactial Martial arts because “DTMA offers a straight forward, no nonsense martial art for realistic situations.” It is easy to see that the Counterpoint Tactical System curriculum is what drives the school, not ego. The school is a place to work together towards improvement.

 The Instructor

John, Grandmaster Whitson, and Kenny

John Bahr started Durham Tactical as a way to, in his words, “share my instructor’s Art and learn the material at a deeper level.”  He has studied a number of martial arts from kenpo to boxing. John attained the rank of third degree black belt under Professor Zach Whitson in American Kenpo before committing to the Counterpoint Tactical System curriculum.

I met John, like most other non-Missouri CTS practitioners, at the first Iron Mountain camp I attended. Each camp, I try to work with John at least once. He’s knowledgeable and humble. We usually have a good political conversation, and even though we’re on opposite sides of the political spectrum, the discussion is about understanding and not imposing a viewpoint.

 The Students

Martial arts always come down to the students, and Daryl praises the students of Durham tactical because they create “a nice atmosphere with no big (I’s) or little (you’s) just a martial art family getting together sharing humility.” I haven’t met any of John’s students; though, I hope to in the future. If they’re anything like John, it’ll involve some fun training.


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