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2nd Annual STL Counterpoint Seminar

Grandmaster Zach Whitson is coming back to the St. Louis metropolitan area for a seminar in Counterpoint Tactical Systems. Apex Training Center is the location for this seminar. The topics include Kenpo Counterpoint 1 and Cacoy Doce Pares. Kenpo Counterpoint 1 is a set of drills using Kenpo empty hand techniques in a counter/re-counter sequence that are similar to hubud drills from Kali. I found this review of the Kenpo Counterpoint video from a Kenpo school in Texas, which gives an overall view of the material.   Cacoy Doce Pares is a close range stick fighting system based out of Cebu, Phillipines that has been shaped and guided by Ciricao “Cacoy” Cañete.

I’m very pleased to be bringing Grandmaster Whitson back for another seminar. It’s a chance to see my CTS friends and family, a chance to train with skilled martial artists, and a chance to learn from a talented teacher. If you’re interested in attending, please, contact us STLCounterpoint(at)

2014 Seminar Flyer v2

Kenpo Counterpoint

Cacoy Doce Pares


4 thoughts on “2nd Annual STL Counterpoint Seminar

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