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CTS Tour: Atlanta Martial Arts Club

The next stop on the blog’s virtual tour of Counterpoint Tactical System’s (CTS) schools is Atlanta Martial Arts Club down in Georgia. (Here is the first stop on the tour.)

ATLMACs School

The School

Atlanta Martial Arts club is a school that prides itself on close connections and hard work. The school is led by Guro Brian Brown and offers classes in Counterpoint Tactical System, Cacoy Doce Pares, and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. The school is built around Guro Brown’s philosophy of “not just a team but a club or family.” He  says that “…at the end of the day what [our students] learn about this club is that they can always rely on us on and off of the mat as we are always there to help out anyone in the team regardless of the issue.”

ATLMAC trains leaders. Along with all other CTS schools, ATLMAC believes in leading by example. This manifests itself in their work ethic. Guro Brown believes that this is a motivating factor. A student who sees “the leader of the club coming in early and leaving late” is motivated to achieve his or her goals.

The Instructor

Guro Brown PhotoGuro Brian Brown has achieved success in a variety of martial arts, but he is not one to rest on his laurels. His philosophy is “never stop learning and growing as a man or as a martial artist.” Guro Brown possesses black belts in American Karate, Ed Parker’s Kenpo, Cacoy Doce Pares Escrima. He’s achieved the rank of brown belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, student level 1 in Combat Submission Wrestling, and level 2 as a Handgun Combative Practioner.

I met Brian at my first Iron Mountain Camp back in 2010. He was testing for his first black belt in CTS that weekend. Since then he’s tested and earned his second degree black belt in CTS. At this past Iron Mountain camp, Brian was one of the facilitators for my brown belt test. Not only did I get good notes from Guro Brown during the test, at the end, I got an invite to come down and train with ATLMAC. I know that if I had shown up to train, Atlanta Martial Arts club would have welcomed me, but the invite from the club leader always makes me proud. This is just another example of his teaching philosophy of “always give more than you get.”

The Students

Atlanta martial arts club has a diverse group of students. I would characterize this group as focused and intense during practice. They’re a tight group of students as well; it’s easy to see close friendships have formed within the group. CR Munhall, ATLMAC’s newest black belt, says, “For me the club is really like an extension of my family. When you train with your best friends it just makes it a lot more fun.”

CR says that the club members are “a group of martial artist who work hard at increasing their own skill set but also are highly motivated to ‘train up’ every member of the club.” This has been apparent and evident to me each time I work with an ATLMAC student. What I’ve seen from the students of ATLMAC is that they follow Guro Brown’s rules for a martial arts practitioner:

Keep an open mind.

Enjoy the grind and put in the work.

Never stop learning and growing as a man or as a martial artist.

Always have a teacher who cannot just tell you how but show you how.

Always train with a smile no matter how hard the contact.



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