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Thank You

Sunday’s seminar to benefit the American Red Cross Typhoon Appeal was a success. The event ran from 9 am to 4 pm. The whole day went off without a hitch. We had six instructors over the six hours, and Guerrilla Streetfood provided Filipino cuisine from 11 am – 2 pm. The event pulled in over $800 in donations strictly at Apex Training Center. I didn’t get an exact count of participants since people came and went during the day, but it was an excellent showing. The metropolitan St. Louis area has a diverse Filipino Martial Arts scene, and it was evident throughout the day.

Ritche teaching 02

Ritche Gumahin and Eric Jimenez demonstrate World Original Teovel’s Balintawak

Ritche Gumahin taught World Original Teovel’s Balintawak from 9 to 10; he worked on striking with the butt of the stick. Guro Joe Craig was next with double stick drills from Inosanto-Lacoste Kali –  a simple X pattern to the box drill to heaven six. Tobias Gibson taught from 11 to 12, and he covered some of the Dog Brother’s Martial Arts. It was my first time seeing Kali Tudo.

Joe Craig teaches Inostanto Kali

Joe Craig teaches Inostanto Kali

Tobias Gibson demonstrates DBMA

Tobias Gibson demonstrates DBMA

From noon to 1 pm, we enjoyed Filipino food from Guerrilla Streetfood. The Guerrilla guys had advertised for us during the week, and they had some regular customers come up to enjoy their food. They were then kind enough to point them in the direction of the school and a number of them donated while visiting the school. For lunch, I got the flying pig in a burrito. I highly recommend it. The burrito is huge, too big for me to finish but good enough that I kept trying…long after I should have stopped.

Guerrilla Streetfood 02The afternoon session began with Chris Hesse showing us trauma range from Tabamina Balintawak. We covered striking into trapping. Tim Rivera of Garimot Arnis St. Louis changed gears and taught empty hand striking and locking that evolved into icepick grip knife versus knife. I finished out the day introducing the group to Cacoy Doce Pares based around a back hand horizontal strike to the head.

Chris Hesse striking at Tobias Gibson

Chris Hesse striking at Tobias Gibson

Tim Rivera locking Tobias Gibson

Tim Rivera locking Tobias Gibson

Thank you to everyone who helped out with this event. The instructors, participants, and visitors made this event spectacular. It was a chance for us to have a postive effect on the islands that birthed the martial arts that we loved. We had a  few visitors from southern Illinois as well. It was a day of good friends, good food, and great training.


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