CTS / Iron Mountain Camp / Martial Arts

Two Weeks Away

Iron Mountain is just two weeks away now. The camp is already sold out, and I’m looking forward to it. If asked about Iron Mountain camp, I say that it’s like a family reunion but with less fighting. I’ll get to see people that I haven’t since last year, and I’ll have the opportunity to work with the advanced practitioners of Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS). It’s fun watching the skill levels of all of the CTS students get better every year. This year, I won’t watch the tests from the sidelines. I’ve been working very hard on the material for my level of the curriculum. This year is also very special because two of my instructors will be testing for their first black belts in CTS. I’m pulling for them and will enjoy watching them test. It’s just two weeks away.

Iron Mountain Camp Flyer


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