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Class 7/23: Palm Strikes, Forearm Hacks, and Elbows, Oh My

The heat is predicted to be in the high 90s today; so, class will be indoors. To save my drywall, we’ll be covering Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) today. Josh Ryer of the Ryer Martial Arts Academy posted the above video of Panantukan sparring.

Warm up Footwork: Forward and Reverse Triangles

Review: Empty Hand Twelve Count

New: Move Up the Circle Footwork, Parries, Palm Strikes, Forearm Hacks, and the Elbow Twelve Count.

On a different note, I’d like to announce that STL Counterpoint is now an official Counterpoint Tactical International club. Master Zach Whitson announced it yesterday on the Counterpoint Tactical Facebook page.  Counterpoint Tactical International is the “governing body of the Counterpoint Tactical System.” This is the completion of a goal that I set for myself earlier this year. It is another step in the growth of our local group as we join the many wonderful CTS clubs around the country.


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