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Real Fight On CCTV!

WARNING: This is a brutal fight. Improvised weapons in the form of clubs are involved. This ends very badly and, yet, still could have been worse.

When there isn’t a referee or agreed upon set of rules, weapons can and probably will be used. I’m not putting this up for shock purposes; this is a street fight. This is the potential threat on the street. Please, learn some defensive tactics to protect yourself and to allow you to escape. Remember: Being humble (i.e. knowing you’re not invincible) and being respectful are also self defense tactics.

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Okay so more and more we are seeing real footage of violent confrontations.  Case in point the following video clip shows a Brazilian MMA fighter throwing his drink on a woman and the next thing you know he and a fellow MMA fighter are in a fight which does not end well for them.

The full story is here: BJJ News

Here is the full video caught by a gas station closed circuit camera:

In a violent confrontation anything can happen including weapons/tools.  Plus greater and greater odds against you. (ie. friends showing up)  We all need to make sure we have de-escalation as part of our strategy and get out of potentially violent situations as quick as possible.  This entire incident more than likely could have been avoided if he simply hadn’t thrown his drink in the woman’s face.  People just have some manners and get along!!!

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