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2013 Iron Mountain is Coming!

Iron Mountain Camp Flyer

My first exposure to Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS) was a seminar in Springfield, MO with Master Zach Whitson. I was excited about training and got to attend the Iron Mountain Camp that same year. Iron Mountain is where I got hooked on CTS for life. For me, martial arts is also a social outlet, and with the students that I met at the 2010 camp, I knew I was in the right organization. These people were (and are) kind, helpful, skilled, and funny. When I asked the advanced students for help, they all cared if I understood the material, and they followed through on making sure that I did. For a newcomer to the organization, it meant a lot. Their attitudes showed that it was a place of learning, not of ego, and that fit with my philosophy of the martial arts.

I’ve made some important friendships through CTS, and Iron Mountain is when I get to see the ones outside of Missouri. Counterpoint Tactical Systems is an awesome martial art/system of self defense, and at Iron Mountain I learned that it’s also a wonderful organization to be a part of. I’ll see you on the Mountain my friends.


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