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Two Weeks to Go

Seminar Flyer

Two weeks left until Master Whitson comes to town. I hope to see at this informative and fun seminar. Master Whitson will be teaching aspects of his Counterpoint Tactical System. CTS is deeply rooted in traditional Filipino Martial Arts, and the system fits well with other FMAs. Come visit us at Apex Martial Arts (14406 S Outer 40, Town and Country, MO 63017) on Saturday May 25th. Please, contact us if you’re interested in attending.

Below is a clip of SGM Cacoy Cañete teaching in Cebu last year. Zach is playing the role of uke for the disarming techniques.


One thought on “Two Weeks to Go

  1. It’s touching and inspiring to see GM Cacoy still doing Arnis. I remember what he said in the Eskrimadors movie documentary, “Eskrima is part of my life. I’m not planning to retire. How can I retire when I don’t want to retire?”

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