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Spring 2013 Upcoming Counterpoint Events

Seminar season is starting for 2013. Here is a list of Spring training events for Counterpoint Tactical System. These are great opportunities to see what CTS is all about and gain some valuable self defense knowledge.

March Events

March 9 in Durham, NC CTS Seminar with Master Whitson.


Master Whitson will be at the Ryer Martial Arts Academy on March 15th in Pittsburgh, PA.



April Events

East Coast School of Self DefenseApril 19th at the East Coast School of Self Defense CTS Seminar with Master Zach Whitson.



May Events

Atlanta Martial Arts ClubMay 11th the Atlanta Martial Arts Club will host a seminar with Master Zach Whitson





May 25th. we’ll be hosting Master Whitson for a one day seminar.

Seminar Flyer

For more events throughout the year, check the calendar on the Counterpoint Tactical International events page.


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