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STL Counterpoint Announcement

STL Counterpoint is pleased to announce that Master Zach Whitson will be here May 25 for a Counterpoint Tactical System seminar. Hopefully this will be the first seminar of many. See below for the flyer.

I finally made it down to Apex in Chesterfield and finalized the rental of their facility for a May seminar with Master Zach Whitson. I had a good time meeting Guro Joe Craig at Apex and getting things formalized. Below is the flyer and I plan to make an advertising push between now and May. CTS has a small group here in Saint Louis (there’s three of us now); so, I will be advertising and hoping to see more people to make it worth Master Whitson’s time to come out here. I know I’ll be seeing some of our Southern MO CTS family and probably one or two of the Kansas crew. I’m proud to be bringing Master Whitson to Saint Louis to showcase the CTS system. The seminar topics listed are tentative. With Saint Louis being a town with diverse Filipino Martial Arts practitioners, I think this seminar will be of interest to beginners and advanced FMA’ers as well. If you’re interested, please, contact me at STLCounterpoint(at)

Seminar Flyer


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