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Lesson Planning

I’ve been away from my blog for a while now. It feels good to be back.

Counterpoint Tactical Systems (CTS) is organized around the block training system. For each belt, there are three blocks of material that are grouped by a common theme. As each practitioner advances, the blocks of material don’t just stack one on top of each other. The curriculum can stack on top, underneath or run parallel to each other, and as we increase in skill, it becomes necessary to flow from block to block to block. This organization provides a loose structure, but it is up to each instructor to determine a lesson plan for each class.

Lesson plan creation is a skill that I’m learning as I go along. Since CTS is well organized, I have an easy time with the content of the lesson plan. Trying to make a coherent theme for the class is where I’m pushing my boundaries as an instructor. It has been fun and required me to examine my knowledge in a different light. I’m trying to balance reviewing what has already been taught with the introduction of new material. It has been a combination of relying on talking to other instructors, talking to teaching resources outside of the martial arts and asking questions of my students. Since I have small class sizes, I can tailor the instruction to the student’s level of learning.

Everyone has told me that teaching is the opportunity to really dig in and experience the art from another perspective. This is spot on, and I now see why it’s so important to teach martial arts to understand martial arts. All learning, including martial arts education, is a journey, and I’m at the beginning of a different part of my martial arts journey.


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