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CTS Article, Ryer Radio and Seminar Watch

Iron Mountain Article

The online magazine FMA Informative has re-printed my blog posts about the Iron Mountain camp in one of its issues. You can find the link to the Iron Mountian issue here. Thanks to Master Whitson for his help with the article.

Ryer on the Radio

Josh Ryer is leading the way in anti-bullying education at the Ryer Academy and in the Pittsburgh area. He will be on the radio to discuss his work this coming Wednesday October 24. More information can found here. Congratulations to Josh on being recognized for his efforts.

Training with Master Whitson

It’s one week away from the FMA Fall Classic at the East Coast School of Self Defense in Boca Raton, Florida. Great training in a great location. I wish I could be there.

The week after Boca Raton, Master Whitson will be in Springfield, MO for a CTS seminar hosted by Springfield FMA. Mike Miller and Alec Helwig have started a great club down there, and I train with them whenever I get the chance. I’ll be making the trip down for my first chance to meet the new club members.The Atlanta Martial Arts club has added a seminar with Master Whitson on December 15th. Sadly, I won’t be able to make this one either. Atlanta has some talented individuals to work with.

CTS School Opening

Last, but not least, congratulations to Kevin Wagner on the opening of his school Gem City Martial Arts in Dayton, OH.


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