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Pangamot is a beginning skill set for the counterpoint tactical system; it is the use of empty hands versus a stick. Here’s a quick demonstration by my friends at Springfield FMA.

Pangamot is one of my favorite drills. It introduces the student early into the CTS concept of play while incorporating a number of fundamental aspects of this martial art. There is footwork, trapping principles and angle recognition, but one of the most important aspects and hardest to pick up is the ability to relax during this drill. It was easy for me to relax and work the techniques when learning this drill because my instructor, Evan, went slow. As the drill progressed and got faster, I found myself tensing up, which drains the endurance and makes trapping easier. As I became accustomed to the drill, I began to relax and see why relaxing with the motions was important.

Pangamot is introduced early but it is a flexible drill that can and should be revisited with the acquisition of new skills. The higher level material can be incorporated into the pangamot practice as Master Whitson shows in the video below (filmed at the Ryer academy in Pittsburgh).

As I gotaccustomed to the drill, it became fun. It has started to be a testing ground where I will try (and sometimes fail) to attempt new material that I’ve learned. In the future, I plan to work controlled sparring with this drill (might need to break out the padded stick for this one). To me, this drill feels like it has a lot of depth and a lot of potential. I know that I’ve explored the basics but there is more to be added – entries, footwork, material from stand up grappling, material from Kenpo Counterpoint 2 and more striking, striking, striking.


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