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Saint Louis Counterpoint Martial Arts will be traveling for a few more seminars this year. The upcoming training opportunities with Master Zach Whitson cover a broad range of Counterpoint Tactical Systems material.

The Iron Mountain Camp is held annually in Butler, Tennessee for the purpose of training instructor candidates in the Counterpoint Tactical System. All belt levels have the opportunity to test at the camp, but the main focus of the testing is for the coveted black belt. Iron Mountain is the only place where black belt testing occurs. Since it is such an important milestone in a CTS practitioners training, it requires a special venue for the testing and promotion. Iron Mountain camp is just such a venue. CTS clubs from all over the country gather together to train, network and reaffirm the important social ties that make CTS the art I choose to practice. The training takes place over the course of two and a half days (5 training sessions) and covers a wide range of material from the CTS curriculum. The 2012 camp is covering Blue, Brown 1 and Black 3 level content.

Here is an example of the fun things that happen at the Iron Mountain Camp.

This will be my third consecutive Iron Mountain camp, and my first where I do not test for a new CTS rank. Usually, we stay in a condo overlooking the Watauga Reservoir in the Cherokee National Forest. It’s a beautiful location for some intense training.

On November 3rd, 2012, Saint Louis Counterpoint Martial Arts will be in Springfield, MO attending the Springfield FMA seminar with Master Zach Whitson. The topics are not set at the moment; the seminar and belt testing will be available for all skill levels (except no testing for black belt).

Springfield FMA is run by my friend Mike Miller and his protégé Alec Helwig. Mike is a 1st degree Brown Belt in CTS and one of my instructors. Springfield’s hospitality is second to none, and they bring in a variety of skill levels and disciplines with whom to train. The Wichita CTS group has a strong showing at the Springfield seminars as well. This will be my third Springfield seminar with Master Whitson, and I’ve lost track of the times I’ve traveled with Evan to Springfield to train with Mike’s group. This seminar is highly anticipated.


Note: The above video is from Zach Whitson’s Youtube page. The link to other videos from Zach can be found here.


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