Saint Louis Counterpoint Martial Arts

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St. Louis Counterpoint Martial Arts is a club formed to practice Zach Whitson’s Counterpoint Tactical Systems (CTS) and Cacoy Doce Pares (CDP) in the St. Louis, MO region. St. Louis Counterpoint Martial Arts club practices safe, non-competitive martial arts for real world self defense.

At different stages of the student’s development, the CTS curriculum covers the following material:

Empty Hand Martial Arts

Panatukan (also known as Filipino Boxing)


Grappling – Both standing and on the ground

Empty Hand versus Stick

Empty Hand versus Knife

Weapon Martial Arts

Single and Double Stick


Espada Y Daga (Stick/Sword and Knife)

Walking Cane/Hiking Stick/Staff

For more information, check out some articles on our blog or, please, contact us here.  We’re also on Facebook; come be our friend.


Master Whitson’s Counterpoint Tactical Systems is the primary focus of our training. The CTS art is heavily influenced by Filipino Martial Arts and incorporates Cacoy Doce Pares, Pekiti Tirsia and American Kenpo Karate as part of its curriculum. CTS trains in all ranges of combat as well as preparing the student for empty hand or weapons based self defense. CTS is not a sport, and we do not train for sport applications. Cacoy Doce Pares is a close range stick fighting system from the Philippines that focuses on trapping, locking and disarming your opponent. In both systems, sparring, in a safe manner, is essential to the practice of the art. Methods are built into each system to progress in a controlled manner from drills and first principles to actual sparring.

The club was founded in January 2010 by Evan Ringle, and in fall of 2012, Eric Primm took over lead instruction in the club. St. Louis Counterpoint Martial Arts is active within the CTS community; the club makes multiple trips throughout the year to attend seminars with Master Whitson and to train with other CTS practitioners. Each club member is encouraged to attend as many seminars as possible with Master Whitson to learn from the founder of our system and to experience training with diverse partners. Belt testing and promotion are only done at Master Whitson’s seminars. St. Louis Counterpoint also travels to the nearby Springfield FMA club in Springfield, MO for training with our closest CTS family. (These trips are encouraged but not required.) There are other CTS schools located in a number of states and more as the system continues to grow. Finally, St. Louis Counterpoint Martial Arts continues to attend the Iron Mountain Instructors Camp held every September to keep up to date on the current CTS curriculum.

For more information, please, contact us here.
*Note: All videos are found on Zach Whitson’s, Springfield FMA’s, and East Coast Self Defense School’s youtube channels. Please, go there, like the videos and subscribe to the channels.


14 thoughts on “Saint Louis Counterpoint Martial Arts

  1. Well to me Martial Arts means respect and discipline. I have trained in different Martial arts
    now for well above 21 years. I have seen lots of people stick around but one other thing that
    I have noticed will be the respect and discipline that has definitely
    changed those peoples perception of life.
    Infants that have started that are now on the wrong side
    of the tracks, always in trouble and no idea how to respect other kids.
    Place them in a controlled environment with discipline and fighting and they soon start to understand.

    Martial arts is a great technique for kids and adults to get rid of their aggression without hurting or
    bullying anyone.

  2. Trying to get a hold of someone in Springfield Mo to learn Filipino Marial Arts. I watched your videos. Loved it. Can you help. Thanks. Xxx-827-1178

    I edited to keep your number from ad bots.

  3. I am looking for someone to train me in cane Fu. I was a 1st degree black belt candidate 5 yrs ago when I was injured in training and had to have back surgery. Now I’m 51 and disabled and using a cane..I don’t drive and I walk alone alot. I have a trained service dog that is a Pitbull. He’s enough of a deterrent for most. I don’t always take him with me but I always have my cane. If you can’t help me do you know anyone who can help get me get some training? I’m looking for a Dojo not a video.

  4. I am a guro in the art Of Manganayam Kali, Arnis, Escrima under Grand Master Jerry Evangelisan. I moving near STL soon. I have lived a good many years in the PI and well moving back to the states I will not have a group of people to train with and I was hoping that I could link up with y’all.

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